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Hey everyone, how are you?
Im sorry that it has been a while since I have posted on here.
I have been sooo incredibly busy, but have managed to do a bit of gluten free baking.

These are gluten free waffles I made with strawberries, ice cream and chocolate.
They were better then the sort I would get from Max Brenner.


Gluten free Chocolate chip cookies
These were absolutely delicious!
But they did go a little bit crunchy on the second day, not that many lasted until then.


Gluten & Dairy free Cupcakes!

So my best friend has been really sick over the last 3 months and found out 2 months ago that he is also a coeliac, so I thought I would make him some gluten free cupcakes to make him feel a little better. 🙂
Again they were a tiny bit dry, spongy and tasteless but most cupcakes are, all the yummy flavours are in the icing.


Gluten free scones!
another treat I have been missing since becoming gluten free
These are amazing warm and up to 8hrs after being baked, but I think I need to make them thicker because they don’t rise as much as normal ones.
The next day they were solid enough to throw at someone and possibly hurt them


Gluten Free Brownies
I still need to master these babies.
I have made them too raw, too hard.
These ones were some of the best so far, again they do need to be made thicker or the cook too fast and dry out to quickly.
A little bit gooey in the centre but still delicious! They went within 2hrs.


What gluten free goodies have you tried to bake?

And what would you like me to try and bake gluten free?
I would love for any ideas or suggestions!