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Today in Australia it feels like summer and its just the last day of winter!

So to make it feel ever more like summer I have decided to make a lovely healthy juice!


What I decided to use:
Carrots, celery, orange, apple and beetroot

This is a copy of the ‘two and five’ juice that I purchase from boost juice here.
It’s always good to have more vegetables then fruit in a juice, because as much as we all love the tastes of fruits better because they are sweeter, it’s the same thing that makes it unhealthier.
Fructose is the sugar from fruit, and we all love sugar! But we also know that we should only have it in moderation, hence why more vegetables are better, and think of all the awesome nutrients that you can get from extra servings of veggies per day!


This is how my juice turned out
Obviously quite red from the beetroot, but the taste isn’t overpowering.
I found when I first started drinking this juice I didn’t like the taste but eventually I became to love it and last summer had it every day!

If you want it a little bit sweeter put it into a blender after juicing with a bunch of strawberries, it will brighten up the flavour a bit. A little bit of ginger is also nice with the strawberries, but only a tiny amount so it’s not overpowering!

My lesson from today is I think I need a new juicer! Mine makes quite a mess but we did only buy it from Kmart.
I’ve been thinking about investing in a slow juicer and hopefully they aren’t as messy, but they are quite dear and I would need to save a little bit for one!

What do you think of my juice recipe?
What’s your favorite juice recipe?

Please leave me a comment and let me know!