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Scrolling through my facebook, as i’m sure we all do every now and again
And one of my friends posted a photo of a cute puppy, so I love cute things… and I decided to make of post of cute fluffy puppies!

fluffy puppy!
Can a puppy be fluffier then this cute little guy!
From what I can tell its a pomeranian with a hair cut to make it look super fluffy and cuddly!




All that I want to do is grab them and squeeze them!
They are just to die for I have never seen a cuter and fluffier puppy!
No doubt they would not be great for people with allergies, but thankfully that would not be a problem for me.

Who resist the big googley eyes of this guy?

You want to nibble my fingers?
That’s ok with me, I would let this puppy get away with anything, it looks like a baby racoon!
Would you like tea or puppy? I think I would choose this puppy over a cup of tea any day.
This of course is Boo, he is ‘the worlds cutest dog’ he has his own blogs and books, he definately has a extra fluffy puppy hair cut.

Out of all of them I do like the first one the most it’s just so white and fluffy and cute and I want to squish it all over the place!

What do you think are the cutest puppies out there?