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So today I thought that I would write about some of my favourite animes!

Code geass
1. Code Geass

I first started watching Code Geass because one of my friends lent it to me who knew I liked anime, I instantly fell in love with it. The whole idea behind ‘The Britanian Empire’ taking over other countries including Japan and then alienating the Japanese and changing the name of their county to ‘Area 11’.
It is such a far fetched idea of taking over an entire country and bringing it down to the ground and everyone accepts what has happened, except for the 11’s but then they get looked down upon even though it was the Britanian’s that did a horrible thing.

Personally my favourite characters is C2, she is powerful confident, knows what she wants and won’t let anyone get in the way of that although occasionally they do let you in to see this vulnerable side of her that is linked with her past.

Attractive, smooth talking, smart and able to get himself in and out of any situation? Of course i’m talking about Lelouch, even though he can be a very self centred egotist who can’t help but love his character, he is fighting for a cause that isn’t his own because he has turned against his own family and heritage since they killed his mother and made his little sister blind.

All up it is one of my favourite anime’s and I can’t wait for season 3 to finally be released!

shakugan no shana
2. Shakugan No Shana
Talk about powerful young women! Shana has got her stuff sorted! I love watching her battle all the bad guys from the parallel universe who are trying to manipulate the powere of existane in their world, which is mostly what the entire series is about with the addition of discovering that Yuji is a Mystes and has a treasure tool that they are going to use for a greater good.
I have not finished watching the second season due to last of time and trying to watch anime’s that over friends have lent me, but I am extremely excited to watch more!

fate stay night
3. Fate/Stay Night
Ok I get it, I like powerful female characters and fighting!
But only the kind of fighting that is for good!
This starts as a typical battle for the trophy, the holy grail in this case, anime, which the exception of Shiro who doesn’t know what he is in the middle of and does not want to fight.
After being forced to fight and kill other servants he decides to join the war for the greater good. Shiro has decided that he is going to end the war once and for all once he wins the grail. With Saber by his side he can and will do anything.

There is a second series which I have not seen yet, so all my references are based on the first series.

angel beats
. Angel Beats
This anime confuses the crap out of me, they are resisting death by staying in limbo world, because they are too afraid of dying even though they are technically dead already?
But this anime is incredibly fun to watch and once again another leading woman role.
This Anime has my favourite theme song to the point that I have downloaded it and have it on my iphone. 🙂

Spice & wolf
5. Spice and Wolf
This is an incredible anime, so much smarts and tact used to get money and manage to eat, get stock and go from town to town.

The whole story is based around Kraft Lawrence, a travelling merchant, and Holo, a fox spirit that thanks to Lawrence is able to leave the field that she was bound to and travel across the country to get back to where she is from.

Watching their relationship bloom from nothing to what I can only refer to as love for each over is a great and enjoyable journey.

6. Eden of the East
I have not watched this in such a long time, but when I do watch it, I watch it in one day easily because there is only one season to it.

In this series 12 people known as “Seleção” are selection to be a part of a “game” in this game, they are given special phones loaded with ¥10 Billion and are told to use the money in whatever way they want, but the aim of the game is so “Save Japan”, they are also given access to a computer program called “Juiz” which they can ask to do anything and it will get accomplished for a certain fee.

Saki runs into Akira in the first episode in this series and he helps her out of trouble, but during the series she becomes helpful because of a phone app that her and her friends created that  by taking a picture of something it can then give you detail of the item or person, alternately you can upload a picture and ask for information on it. A really cool concept.

This is such a smart series and I am sad that there is just one series, it is so brilliant and definately high in my favourites.

The sort of anime’s that I like have to have a decent story line, not be too slow or I will get bored and turn it off and never really go back to it, I like when the characters and smart and use alot of planning and smarts to get what they are after.

So now tell me, what are your favourite anime’s?
What do you think that I should watch next?