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I have decided that for my birthday my partner and I will go to Sarushima for a day trip with friends!

and I found alot of the information really annoying to find or confusing over multiple websites.

So I thought it would be good to make a blog post with all the information I found in the one place!!


So first to get to Sarushima you need to get a train to Yokosuka Station

To get there from Asakusa

Catch the Asakusa Line toward Nishimagome
The train will change to the Keikyu Line at Sengakuji,
stay on the train until Yokosukachuo.
This will take approximately 66 minutes

Then walk to Mikasa Gyoen (park)
This will take approximately 7 minutes.

From Mikasa Port you will then catch a ferry to Sarushima
A round trip will cost you as an Adult ¥1300 and as a Child ¥650
During summer ferries leave every hour from 8:30 and take 15 minutes to get to the Island.
The last ferry to leave the island is at 16:00 (4:00pm) and it is important not to miss this as it is your only way to get back and staying on the island is not permitted

I apologise that some of the information is a little vague at the moment but I will be updatin

g this once I have gone myself, because all this information is what I have been able to find online.

Where I sourced my information: