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You know those days when it’s starting to get cooler outside and you want something to warm you up but without being too heaving?
Well I think I just came up with the answer for this


I have decided to stop eating meat for a while because lately everytime I eat it I feel really quite sick for around the next 24hrs so I thought I would eat more vegetables for a while and see if I feel any better.

So today I kind of felt like doing a potato bake. But I kind of wanted to do something a little bit healthier then just your regular potato bake so I decided to add cauliflower, brocolli and brussel sprouts and create a bit of a cruciferous party!
And I have to say I am quite pleased with him it turned out.
Now I don’t think there is anything that I would change from what I did tosay for this recipe.
So here it is I will give it to you.


Cruciferous Potato Bake
Serves 2-3 people

1tbsp butter
1tbsp rice flour
1 cup milk

2 small potatoes
1/2 small cauliflower
4 large brocolli florets
6 small brussel sprouts

Himalayan salt & pepper to season.

1.Bring water to boil for steaming.
2. Slice potatos, place in steamer and start steaming.
3. Cut cauliflower into bite sized piecese and add to steamer.
4. Slice brussel sprouts and add to steamer.
5. Cut brocolli into bite sized piecese and add to steamer.
6. Let steam for 5 minutes then remove brocolli, after another 5 minutes remove brussel sprouts(I placed mine onto the tray that they were going to be cooked on.
7. Steam the rest of the vegetables until the desired softness then arrange on baking tray.
8. Bring a pot to low-medium heat.
9. Add butter to the pot and let it slowly melt.
10. Once the butter has melted add the flower and whisk constantly.
11. After a couple of minutes start slowly pouring the milk into the roux continuously stirring. Keep stirring the roux until it gets to the consitancy you want. (I wanted mine quite thick)
12. Spoon the mix over your vegetables. (Or you can mix it through if you want an even coating on your vegetables)
13. Sprinkle cheese over the top.
14. Place under grill on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes. (Until the vegetables are all warm and the cheese has melted a bit)
15. Season with salt and pepper and you are reading to serve.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much I did!