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Slowly but surely Japan is getting on board with gluten free requirements.

I have come across products in international stores that specify gluten free on the packaging.
National Azabu in Hiro-o sell the Schar brand of gluten free breads and biscuits, as well as Bob’s Red Mill flours which has a large range of gluten free flours including rice, coconut, sorghum and mixes for bread, pancakes and pizza bases.
If there is something that you can’t find in these shops then you are able to purchase it online from iHerb and have it delivered within 3 days, with the exception of quinoa, chiaseeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and some other seeds. If you can’t find these in the country, you can it is just a little difficult, you cannot buy the online and bring them in online due to restrctions.

But as someone living gluten free in Tokyo, Japan there is always somethings that I have not been able to find such as a gluten free bakery and a restaurant or cafe that actually caters to a gluten free diet.
This is until today.
Every now and then I search for gluten free information online and today I came across a small blog post about a gluten free bakery in Tokyo.
I do not think that you could even understand how excited I am while writing this post. Because I literally just found out about it.
The blog that posted it is Lanasolyluna the only thing that I know about this blogger is that she lived on and off in Japan for several years.
The Bakery is called こめひろ(comehiro) and it says on their website that all their items are made with rice flour and no egg! They even have an online store where you can order the goods and they get sent to you frozen to preserve them for as long as possible or you can just view their selection.
I plan on going for an adventure to visit this bakery and buy some bread that I have much missed in Japan, the land of amazing bread, it is about 42 minutes along the Yamanote  and the Chuo line from Ikebukuro to Musashisakai, the closest station which is a 7 minute walk, but I believe that the journey will be well worth it and I cannot wait!
Just a few items listed on their online store include pizza’s, donuts, melon bread, konpan, pumpkin bread and there are plenty of variations.

Now for the cafe that caters to our allergies.
I found it on Glutenfreeinjapan and they themselves have not visited yet but wish to hear from anyone that has.
It is called Three in Aoyama and after looking at their website I can see that they have quite a few fun gluten free options and lots of vegetarian options too.
For breakfast you get the options of:
Open sand mozarella burata, strawberry and tomato.
Open sand of chicken remoulade and vegetable spice pickles.
Open sand colour mushroom grill and proscuitto, of kidney beans.

So as you can see already based off breakfast this place looks incredible!
They already know about your allergy and you don’t have to explain it. There is more then one option that you can definately eat knowing you won’t get sick and it includes bread!
I think I shall need to go and visit this weekend!

All day you can get:
Gluten free pancakes!
Gluten free french toast!
Gluten free baked fruit variety.

Seriously is this place for real!
I never thought that I would be going out to a place in Japan and be able to order these things from a cafe!

For dessert they have the option of:
Gluten free chocolate scones!

So I think that you get the idea.
This place looks pretty awesome and I cannot wait to go here and try it out.
Most of their menu is gluten free and all of it is healthy and I am going to get down there asap to trial some of these yummy dishes.

Much love from the land of the rising such and this little excited chickidy!

If you know of anywhere that serves or sells gluten free food please let me know so that I can check them out!