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caution gluten

So I have been living in Japan since March now.
And as alot of people will tell you living gluten free in Japan is not the easiest thing to achieve with  soy sauce being a main ingredient in alot of sauce.
Before coming here I worked with my gut to be able to tolerate small amounts of gluten in sauces because I knew it would be inevitable to avoid them completely and also brought along with me some pro biotics and digestive enzymes to give me gut a little bit of a boost when I felt like it needed it. Just to be on the safe side.

In my restaurant experiences here I have found that most places will not change their menu for you but some will, the most helpful restaurant that I have been to is
The Outback Steakhouse –  in Ikebukuro, they were happy enough to put sauces on the side that contained wheat and helped me alot with the menu.
I can’t say the same for
Mos Burger – they do have a rice burger which is gluten free but the “pattie” options are not very appealing for these burgers and they would not change it to just a normal meat pattie for me.
La Bodega – is a spanish restaurant that does paella’s which most of were gluten free also, and these were quite delicious.
Pho here is also generally gluten free and plenty of Thai food places cater, but you will find some that contain wheat in everything, especially Japanese style curries, Indian curries are mostly gluten free, but still ask.
Eating gluten free can be done, you just need to know where to look and have a bit of Japanese under your belt and enough patience to keep asking. Which can get a little frustrating especially when you are hungry.
Once I find a restaurant that I know I can eat at, i just keep going back there.

There is one restaurant that I have heard of which used to be competely gluten free, but is not anymore but still caters for gluten free diets if they are given enought notice when you book.
S.Komatsu – In Roppongi, I have not eaten here yet because it is a little bit pricey so I am saving it for a special occasion, but when I do I will probably post a blog about it and what it was like.

I have found my best solutions are making food at home and if I am out and struggling I can always go into a 7/11 or other convenience store and buy some Onigiri.

I have to say it does get hard walking past all the yummy smelling bakeries and sweets places here which there are a plenty of!
Happy gluten free eating!