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 I don’t know about you guys but I’m freaking out that Christmas is just around the corner!

And if your family is anything like mine, we are already preparing for the festive season. Which is proving to be a little tricking while working on my online shop, studying, cooking, watching anime and trying to maintain a social life.

Origami Bows

Origami Bows

Every year recently I have been making Christmas cards and sending them out to all of my friends because I like giving that personal touch and it becomes way to expensive trying to but gifts for all your friends at this time of the year. and lets face it no one saves for Christmas so we all tend to struggle a little bit with cash when all the present buying comes around.

Origami Santa

Origami Santa

This year on the front of my Christmas cards I am putting origami Santa’s that I have made. I was inspired to do these when last year my partner’s mum put one our Christmas card in response to the one that I sent last year (I did 3D stamped cards last year).

christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Ok this is not my obsession. It is my mother’s! She goes crazy on Christmas decorations and lights all over and throughout the house and this is what she bought in one day alone!
I thought we already had enough stored up in the roof.
But apparently I was wrong. Haha.

Soon I will be posting about the Christmas cake that I am currently baking in the oven. and my attempts at GF, DF & EF dinner rolls that I already trialing and hoping to have perfect by Christmas so that my sister, my mother and myself don’t miss out on bread rolls.

I hope that you all are getting excited for the festive season.
And I will be doing my best to post as soon as possible again with my Christmas cake and updates on my dinner rolls.

Lots of love Shorty