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I have had this recipe for quite a while now,
but have never actually attempted to make them, I have adapted this recipe to be gluten free.

The cookie dough looks as yummy as any other cookie dough that I have ever made, you know when you just want to stick your finger in and eat half of it raw.
You know what i’m talking about, we have all done it at some point.


Ready to go in to the oven!
I think I needed to have a little more flour in these since changing it to gluten free, because normally at this point you can roll them in your hand to make a ball.


Looking good in the oven!


The finished result was a little bit flatter then I expected but were still quite soft and tasted like a Reece’s peanut butter cup, but in a cookie!

I could not get enough of these yummy biscuits!


What is your favourite flavour cookies?